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World Qualifier Aquathlon in Bedford

Box End Park in Bedford will host one of only 3 qualifying races for this September’s World Aquathlon Championship in London. This superb venue is already well known to triathletes and open-water swimmers for it’s clear water lakes and excellent facilities.

The whole park is self-contained so parking is ample, free and within spitting-distance of the modern changing and shower facilities. The bar and Corner 5 restaurant are there for your relaxation as well as the “container” for bacon rolls and coffees. There is also a camping area next to the lake.

The race starts at a very civilised 10am with age group-based waves. The 750m one lap swim route will have a deep water start. Transition will be alongside the lake. The permanent 5km grass track winds around the lakes and alongside the River Gt Ouse before a surprising “lumpy bit”.

Our own chip timing will be in place to give you your Swim, Transition & Run times.

Results will be available shortly after each competitor finishes. The presentation will take place after the last person has finished.

If you wish to qualify for London 2013 you need to register your interest with the BTF.

More information will become available as plans progress.

  1. hi.
    ref the aqauthlon qualifier, i was wandering what the water temperature currently is at box end park?
    what is the likelihood that the water will be warm enough (in accord with BTF rules)?
    can you advise what the contingency plan might be? as i am planning hotels and travel from Bristol.
    many thanks

    • Hi Nick

      You’re not the first to ask this question.
      The event is still 4 weeks away so we’re confident the water will reach the required 11C. Being quite shallow the lake tends to warm up faster than deeper lakes.
      If it is not looking good with a week to go then we will have to make a decision. I appreciate that people are coming from as far as Scotland and Cornwall so we will try to give as much notice as possible.
      Hope this helps helps for now.


      • Hi

        My reading of the ITU rules is that the minimum water temperature is 13C (perhaps higher if air temp is low) – any lower and must be cancelled.
        BTW the temp reported for Cotswold Water Park lakes (very shallow) was 4C on 3 Apr.
        All in all doesn’t look very promising, but I won’t cancel my B&B booking yet.

  2. How’s the water temp doing?

    Presumably the ground for the run’s good and hard

    • Water temp was up to 12C last week. We’ve had decent weather since so it should be even hotter now…! The ground was perfect on Friday. Did the 5k loop and apart from a squidgy puddle round at the back of the lumpy bit it was perfect – slightly soft but dry.

  3. Is that water temp right where we go it’s 6C yesterday is it a run off lake?
    It’s under British tri rules so what the minimum temp it has to be?
    Thx mate

  4. Sorry mate you kind of answered my question above.thx

  5. Hi whats the actual run route like please? Is it all on grass? Is it flat? Thanks

  6. The run route is entirely on grass. I would say 85% is dead flat. There is “the lumpy bit” at the far end which includes about 5 short and steep ups. We are talking a few metres here – nothing more. The downs are similar. If it’s wet or dewy then it will be slippery – come prepared. You can quite easily do it in road, trail or spiked shoes. Trail shoes were my choice last week as it was dry but I’ve seen runners fall last year in dry conditions as there is a bend on one of the steeper downs.
    In the end you’ll have time to check it out on the day and decide what to wear.

  7. Thanks Steve! So is it like proper grass (like a field/cross country) or like a worn down grass path? I uaually race 5k in racing flats so panicing a bit now! thanks for all your info too.

  8. Yes it’s that green grass you get in fields. There are some tufty bits – it’s not like a bowling green.

  9. Getting excited about event as it looks as if water will be warm enough (just – chilly 12.5C in our local Cotswold Lakes). Could do with some admin details – registration, wave start times and so on.

  10. Do we get numbers in post / info in post? And break down of age groups would be good to thx and wave start times as Jon said.

  11. Yep info will be released today. There are likely to be 4 waves at 5 minute intervals starting at 10.00am. Ladies first.

    The entry system cannot show age groups automatically. A non-live list of entries goes out of date so quickly as entries are still coming thick and fast. I’ll have a play today and see what I can come up with.

    Nothing gets sent out these days by post – pick up everything on the morning.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Thx

  13. Steve are we in the boat lake or the cable lake? T.

  14. Excellent work guys – thanks for the updates. Just a quick question. Wouldn’t three men’s waves make more sense – seems a bit unfair on those in the 40+ AGs who have 85+ in their wave. Three waves of 45 – 50 would appear to make more sense and the numbers in each AG lend themselves to this idea.

    I know it’s not easy trying to please all, but there is a pretty large imbalance.


    • 85 is not a huge number. The lake is pretty big and it’s way to the first turn. Splitting the men further would mean I’d have to split the women as well.

  15. There are two womens’ waves of 45 already. Why would you need to split them again? Three men’s of approx 45 plus two women’s’ of 5, as the mere cats would say – simples! Except I’m sure it’s probably not so simple – just seems to be the fairest option.


  16. Thanks for the update on the start lists – is there any further info on registration times yet?

    • Registration will be open 0800-0930 with the briefing at 0945. The info pack is coming – just editing now.

  17. 85 in mens wave – will there be plenty of room for overtaking on the run?
    Nigel (better runner than swimmer)

  18. This will be interesting and fun as there are sub 5min 400m swimmers in wave 4.

  19. Great venue, great weather and even the lake wasn’t ‘too’ cold! Big thanks, and well done organisers – and particular mention and thanks to whoever took the time to measure that run course, spot on 5k measured from timing mat to finish line on my Garmin. If only all triathlons were like that. Shame my legs can’t run any more (!), but lovely morning all the same. Thanks.

  20. Great day. Venue perfect, lake clear, run …interesting – even if my heart sank every time the route turned back up on the lumpy bit! Spectators enjoyed it too. Thanks!

  21. To Steve and all involved yesterday.Hey you even organized the weather to play nice 🙂 .Thanks you for a fabulously slick run event,always good to touch base with you all.The level of competition was just nuts,fun but nuts !.Have a great weak end all,Mark

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